Team Performance and Auditing

 Modeling, integration, and Process Design

  • ​​​Conceptual Analytical Modeling and Benchmarking – development of stochastic modeling systems to provide early, accurate, risk aware forecasts of likely program outcomes, including capital investment requirements, investor value and returns, program candidate prioritization, schedule, space use optimization, life cycle cost analysis.
  • Data Integration & Management – functional design and implementation of portfolio management systems and dashboard reporting to integrate data from many sources and provide real time visibility to program status and forecast outcomes.
  • Business Process Design & Integration – analysis of the organization and business process requirements to enable development of risk aware improvements in information flow, decision making and use of technology and people.

Performance Optimization

We built a strong reputation on solid leadership, diverse experience and value-proven management procedures. Our integrated and holistic approach gives us a wider perspective and allows us to look at micro level details across the program and how they can be used to achieve the macro level vision of the client’s enterprise.

​Our primary goal is to understand what drives our clients so we can be a fiduciary partner to create optimum business performance that provides our clients with the confidence to make necessary changes and/or improvements. We engage with our clients at a number of levels, depending on whether the services needed are strategic or tactical.

​We provide you with the data and processes that give you control, transparency and integrate governance into project teams, to ensure alignment with the target goals of your company’s development or project management programs. No matter what your company’s primary focus we can ensure that program leadership and reporting are initiated at the right level and project phase to guarantee that ongoing corporate operations are not hindered, that you are collecting the right data to allow early forward looking forecasts, and continuous growth and development are maximized.  Typical areas of focus include:

Holistic. Performance. Results
  • ​​Team Performance Analysis - A structured analysis of the way the team has been procured and incentivized, to assess opportunities for performance improvement. too often commercial and contractual considerations can conflict with full participation and knowledge sharing, and overall performance against the program's objectives can be impacted. Questant has developed scorecards and team maturity benchmarks across many sectors, and can quickly gather required information through workshops, desktop review and group interview, analyze data and provide recommendations swiftly, without impacting ongoing program delivery. 
  • Team structure design – development of high functioning, lean team structures that acknowledge corporate governance requirements and provide a well-proportioned balance of risk between the client organization, consultants and contractors.
  • Project auditing and oversight – provision of independent, third party program technical due diligence and financial oversight to give investors greater certainty in the outcomes and provide a means for speedy resolution of arising issues and disputes.